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Always on the move? Don't forget to take the Sterling Pearl along for the ride.

The Pearl quickly and easily disassembles and packs neatly away for storage, days out or simply to take to the shopping centre - giving you the versatility to bring your scooter wherever you want to go. Its wireless connections and lightweight parts ensures you won't struggle getting it in and out of the car. Range per battery charge is up to 15 miles at a brisk 4mph, so the Pearl is ideal for both short trips or longer excursions around town. The controls are simple to use and the tiller can be adjusted to suit your driving position. The flip up armrests and swivel seat helps you access your scooter with ease whilst the padded seat always ensures a comfortable ride.

Read more about the Pearl mobility scooter on the Sunrise Medical website.

Features & Benefits:

Easy to disassemble

Designed for simple disassembly without the hassle of cables or plugs, the one-touch Sterling lock separates both halves of the scooter for easy portability stowage.

Conserving battery power

The stand-by function allows the pearl to conserve battery power, ensuring you can optimise your use of the maximum range (up to 15 miles/24km at a speed of 4mph).

Extended user weight

Due to its built-in rigidity, the Pearl can carry a user weight of up to 21 stone (136kg).

Removable parts

The heaviest part of the Pearl weighs just 16kg, making the scooter more manageable to lift in and out of the car.

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* Range given represents test conditions. Please note that temperature, user weight, terrain and battery capacity may affect overall performance. Specifications are subject to change without notification.